Cornelia Fort Airpark Engagement Session


couple taking engagement pictures at cornelia fort airpark in nashville, tennessee


I may be biased about this, but Cornelia Fort Airpark is one of my favorite places to take engagement photos! All these photos you see are actually my fiance and I’s engagement photos we had taken by a friend and edited by me!


If you want to get engagement photos done in Nashville but are tired of seeing only city spots, this could be the place for you! It is roughly 20 minutes outside of downtown on the East side. It was a private ran, public-use airport until 2011 when it was turned into a public park to walk in, ride bikes, or take engagement photos! It is 140 acres so even on the busiest day, you will have plenty of space to roam around for pictures! We loved shooting here because we started in what we thought looked like Africa. There were these massive trees with taller grass which turned out to be a beautiful place to start! We then ventured off and did photos on the old runway and other areas of the park which was so much fun! Cornelia Fort Airpark also has free parking which is another huge +!


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