Indian Creek Nature Center Wedding | Cedar Rapids, IA


This is a picture of a bride and groom taking pictures together on their wedding day at Indian Creek Nature Center



This Indian Creek Nature Center wedding was one of my all-time favorite days!


Riley and Kyle got married 6/26/21 at Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids, IA. It was the summertime which called for sage green bridesmaid dresses and sleek gray groomsmen suits. Their entire theme of the day was based around the different places they had traveled together. One of the most unique aspects of this day that I had never seen before was how they labeled their reception tables. It was different places around the world that they had traveled to together with pictures. This was the COOLEST idea I have ever seen and the guests seemed to have loved it as well as it gave them something to talk about when they sat down! 

The ceremony space was unlike no other with it being tucked away in the trees. It had looked like something straight out of a fairytale the way the florist decorated the arbor. It went perfectly with the scene of the ceremony. Another unique aspect of this wedding ceremony was instead of the guests sitting on chairs, they all sat on carved-out rocks which were so pretty! This ceremony all in all was different and that’s why I loved it so much because it truly stood out amongst every other wedding I had ever photographed previously. 

While taking portraits of just them two, ANOTHER unique thing they did on their wedding day was they both wore custom jordans!!!! I had never seen anything like this before so it made the portraits that much better. Riley had custom wording put on her shoes with gold foil which was just awesome. 

They provided entertainment to the kids by having a pinata and letting the kids try to hit it open! It made for some cute photos also of them trying to hit it open.

This to me is what makes weddings special when couples go above and beyond the normal 10-hour timeline and incorporate things that mean a lot to them! This is what wedding days are all about and I think more couples should strive to make it about them! 


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